is well equipped with metal fabrication industry experience and expertise, be it in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) component, office furniture, storage racking, tool and die, refrigeration component and electrical appliances component.


Manufacturing industry is becoming more and more challenging, so we aim to provide one stop solution to our customers from tool and die design to pilot run and follow by mass production, assembly as well as packaging. We place great importance to skills and experience and our experience staff. They are dedicated to provide feasible tool and die design and produced it in-house using high quality CAD-CAM software and CNC machining center.


For production facilities, we are well equipped with robotic press line, transfer arm production line, one piece flow press line and hydraulic press line to serve high volume demand by our customer. For medium and low volume order, we have CNC punching machine with auto loader, CNC bending machine, robot-arm welding and manual welding ready to serve the demand. We are equipped with powder coating line to meet our customer request.


Beside the metal fabrication facilities, we provide the fastest turnaround and highest quality assembly service. We are specialize in sub assembly activities such as insulation assembly, air curtain assembly, air conditioning fan housing assembly and blower balancing.


MTL has good reputation in term of quality for stainless steel fabrication particularly for light and medium weight-usage which include casing, home and electrical appliances, shelving and other. The production of replacement part is also a large part of our on-going business.